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Family holidays – how to organize holidays with children?
Family holidays Summer 2016 Terms of fixed periods: (one-week) Fixed period starts on Saturday at 2 p.m. ending week after on Saturday at 10 a.m. Accommodation in double- and triple-segments with bathrooms. Separate room for couples with double-wide bed, separate one for children. Children over 12 years old are treated as adults.


  • Double-room segment for 3 persons (night) = 1.050 zloty / 1 week
  • Double-room segment for 4 persons (night) = 1.400 zloty / 1 week
  • Triple-room segment for 5 persons (night) = 1.750 zloty / 1 week
  • Double-room segment for 3 persons (night+breakfast) = 1.470 zloty / 1 week
  • Double-room segment for 4 persons (night+breakfast) = 1.960 zloty / 1 week
  • Triple-room segment for 5 persons (night+breakfast) = 2.450 zloty /1 week
  • Double-room segment for 3 persons (night+breakfast+dinner) = 1.992 zloty
  • Double-room segment for 4 persons (night+breakfast+dinner) = 2.660 zloty
  • Triple-room segment for 5 persons (night+breakfast+dinner)= 3.325 zloty

+ VAT 8%

How to spend holidays with children between 12 and 18 years of age

Our proposal: – by choosing our offer, you have an option to give your children under care of qualified team of instructors who secure attractions and take over your children supervision; – we propose for your children three forms of active rest.

  • ASG Camps. Neighborhood of Borne Sulinowo, plenty of the former military objects and excellent forest grounds is a perfect place to prepare camps of military nature. At a time of camp, the participants would be taught under an eye of the instructors in the following topics: survival, sense of locality, green tactics, black tactics, GPS and communication. We will go deeply into pyrotechnics’ issues and sniper’s course be held. It won’t be lack of rides on military vehicles. Great part of the camp’s duration we will spend playing on scenario games, which one of them is going on several days’, that is why is necessary to take karimata, sleeping-bag, mess-tin, and some of the bivouacking equipment. A partaker should also have own ASG replica. Munitions in sufficient number, camouflage and replicas conservation means would be delivered by the organizers. For those in need, there is possibility to hire ASG replicas (AK47, M15, M16, M4, sniper’s gun or others) for the period of camp’s duration. Do not bring own munitions and pyrotechnics’ equipment, please. Parents’ approval necessary.
  • Canoe-bike camp. Bikes’ routes and stretches of canoe’s run are so arranged to assure comfort for the participants. Reaching standard day’s stretch goes on mostly about 4-5 hours. We address our proposition to young people, who want to see the most beautiful grounds on bike or with oar in palms. Several all-day’s long excursions are provided, so it could be seen then i.e.: one of the largest moorland in Europe, super-secret Soviet base of rockets’ platforms, “died out town” Kłomino. The group will go by route of Piława River when flow – the longest tributary of river Gwda. The flow will start from Pile lake, from where, through many smaller lakes, reach Nadarzyce (village), but if the weather conditions and psychophysical state of the participants are proper – way up Szwecja (village). To get that part of the Piława route 3-4 days are needed. The route could be ranked as very picturesque and interesting as a touristic attraction. Its undoubted attraction are German, reinforced concrete defense line’s elements called Wał Pomorski (Pommernstellung)
  • Paintball camp with survival elements. The camps are of recreation-training character in fields reachable nowhere else. Instructors will lead courses and paintball competitions (a lot of scenarios) – three times a time of camp’s duration are shooting exercises: archery and pneumatic guns, lining exercises and wonderings through line-park, locality sense runs, all-day long march with survival elements and army drill, night’s steals up, advanced ground games “reading a map”, teaching of compass use, drawing maps and plans “signaling and communication in field”
  • Common program for all of the camps: There will be not lack of time for sun-bathing at lake shore after intensive training. It would be organized as well: night’s steals up, competitions in field, stadium or at sport’s hall (when weather is bad). The group will visit bunkers of Wał Pomorski when free time and go by military truck alongside the neighbor ranges. Level of adrenaline will grow up when on line sliding, locality running and marching with survival elements, shooting exercises too. Day will end by evening’s music, sitting by fire or DJ show.
  • For children up to 12 years old we propose – spring-board – chutes – swimming-pool with balls – footballers giants
  • Price-list: participation in program under care and supervision of instructor: 30 zloty / 1 day + commission for hired equipment


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