Offer for roadrunners

Offer for roadrunners: Experience Europe

If you want to know Europe, I propose very interesting and attractive route, experienced by myself. I will help you to make choice and book lodgings in inexpensive hotels. You’ll skip the brokers. You will be deciding by yourself, which hotel and place to choice. I do not get additional payment for that. I wait for you in Borne Sulinowo in Gościniec Rossija on route of escapade you start from Malbork.

Route’s description:
I propose to stay in Mablork for couple of hours and visit the Cross Knight’s castle
The castle’s address: 82-200 Malbork ul. Starościńska 1
GPS locality: N54.040307,  E19.027909

From Malbork to Borne Sulinowo is 192 km (time of go 3 hours 4 minutes)
I propose night’s lodging and supper in Gościniec Rossija . We’ll meet each other there and plan a route. I am going to give you as much of my time as you need.
Address: Gościniec Rossija 78-449 Borne Sulinowo ul. Spacerowa 3
GPS locality: N53.035119, E16.032696
Mob. +48 606 302 117

You go from Borne Sulinowo to Berlin 307 km (time of go 3 hours 57 minutes)
Visiting Berlin. I have some of the proved correct ways on visiting. You spend night in a hotel chosen by yourself. Leaving after breakfast.

You go from Berlin to Drezno [Dresden] 193 km (time of go 2 hours 6 minutes)
Visiting Drezno. You spend night in a hotel chosen by yourself. Leaving after breakfast.

You go from Drezno to Praga [Prague] 150 km (time of go 1 hours 49 minutes)
Visiting Praga. You spend night in a hotel chosen by yourself. I spent two nights there.
Enough time to visit Praga and taste the Czech kitchen.

You go from Praga by Jakuszyce to Szklarska Poręba 146 km (time of go 2 hours 2 minutes) Szklarska Poręba is localized in mountains. Don’t fail to see waterfall Kamieńczyk and way up by cable railway to Szrenica [Mount] – perfect place for ski riders.

The next objective of our journey is Karpacz 27,5 km away from Szklarska Poręba (time of go 35 minutes).  You park a car by Wang temple and go walking for excursion into mountains to Samotnia shelter-house, and next on mountain’s route to Śnieżka [Mount]. You have for your choice some of the shelter-houses on the route. I turned the track back, rode up by cable-railway to Śnieżka and gone back down to shelter-house Samotnia, reaching next the Wang temple.

You go from Karpacz to Wrocław 122 km (time of travel 2 hours). Wrocław is famous from night life and numerous clubs. It has superb Old Town with good restaurants. All Europe comes there. Comparing with Praga and Berlin, I rank Wrocław very high.

You go from Wrocław to Poznań 172 km (time of travel 2 hours 49 minutes). Poznań is famous from international fairs, which, depend of branch, are organized through all of a year at different terms. Poznań has too, the beautiful Old Town. It is worth to stay there for at least one day.

You go from Poznań to Borne Sulinowo 168 km (time of travel 2 hours 45 minutes). You can stay there and get rest at the beautiful lake. After the rest, I propose an island Bornholm, property of Denmark. It is possible to plan an excursion on Borholm in the following months only: July, August, September and October. Ferry boat is on run then.
You go from Borne Sulinowo to Kołobrzeg 119 km (time of travel 2 hours). You leave car on a parking, and get in on ferry boat. The ferry boat sails out from Kołobrzeg at 7 a.m. reaching Bornholm at 11:30 a.m. Visiting the island from 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. going by coach with guide. Ferry boat sails out from the island at 6 p.m. reaching Kołobrzeg at 10:30 p.m. You go back to Borne Sulinowo by night.

You go from Borne Sulinowo to Gdańsk 207 km (time of travel 3 hours 8 minutes) Visiting Gdańsk. Night in Gdańsk. Back home after breakfast.
You have from Gdańsk to Kaliningrad only 164 km of distance (time of travel 2 hours 11 minutes)

Cost of stay in Gościniec Rossija:

Offer for 2-persons. Price includes:

  • Double-room Lux (2 persons x 3 nights + 3 breakfasts + 2 dinners) = 700 zloty

Offer for 3-persons. Price includes:

  • Double-room segment (3 persons x 3 nights + 3 breakfasts + 2 dinners) = 1.100 zloty

Offer for 4-persons. Price includes:

  • Double-room segment (4 persons x 3 nights + 3 breakfasts + 2 dinners) = 1.400 zloty

How to make reservation

Check by our website accessibility of the vacant places (rooms) Reservation on-line and do reservation of the chosen room and term.

The reserved up here room will be waiting for your arrival.

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