Offer for seniors

Our object has exceptional localization.

It is situated in pine forest, near lake, far from industry and big urban agglomerations. We have own green ground arranged for recreation on fresh air, with a place for grill. All infrastructure of our town was designing to match seniors’ and incompetents’ needs. Well marked walking routes for Nordic Walking appeared, with lot of places for rest. Bicycle’s routes and benches have been built alongside the town. We are well prepared for active time spending, ever contacted with beautiful nature. Great interest of our town by elder people caused that network of rehabilitation services in connection with unconventional therapy have come into being. Our offer includes:

  • Nights in single- and double-rooms
  • All-day food, five meals
  • Every-day morning walking with instructor


  • 7-days stay   700 zloty / person
  • 14-days stay 1.330 zloty / person
  • 30-days stay 2.700 zloty /person