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Book On-line

Registration, begining of the hotel’s night: from 2 p.m.

Record of departure, the end of the hotel’s night: to 10 a.m.

Ta make registration working you need to:

  • select a room – to help yourself in searching, use the arrow ‘up’ and ‘down’ in the right down angle of the screen
  • select a date, marking by cursor right days in callendar you are going to spend in hotel
  • select and mark meals in accordance to number of ‘-‘ and ‘+’ guests
  • confirm order enrolling your data
  • do pre-paid

Payment: client can pay by transfer onto seller’s account, or by credit cards. Paymanets on-line are made by Pay-By-Link and PayPal.

Accessible forms of payment and credit cards:

Payback: in case of payment by credit cards payback is done stright onto client’s card. If by transfer, on client’s account.

Order to payback onto credit card is made by seller to PayPal operator the day booking is canceled.

Safe booking: while booking via our portal, your data is secured by safe connection. Act of 29th August 1997 about security of personal data.

Privacy statement: Your data is used only to guarantee booking, registration and payment.


Principles of booking on-line

I. Booking

1. Booking is considered as confirmed when required pre-paid is done – to the amount and term showed in e-mail booking confimation.

2. BOOKING BY INQUIRY – in case of lack of accomodation on-line, BOOKING BY INQUIRY could be offered . Confirmation of term’s access (or its lack) and information about a way of doing pre-paid will be send by e-mail.

II. Cancelling and changes in booking

1. No pre-paid made in required term automatically cancels booking.

2. In case of booking’s cancel less than 7 days before arrival, pre-paid done is not subject to return.

3. Cancelling or change in booking is possible by link enclosed in e-mail, or by contact with the staffs. Clicking on the enclosed link automatically cancels booking.

4. Not utilization the whole sojourn by Boarder in consequence of later arrival than it is marked in term of booking or earlier arrival will not take effect in lower payment or its return.


Person who is booking on-line is responsible for correctness of data filled up in booking’s form. Accomodation’s object is not responsible for wrong selection of term or errors in data form. In case of incorrectness which are not correctable by booking edition, immediately call reception desk, please.

Contact data is accessible in fold ‘KONTAKT’, on the top part of booking callendar and in e-mails.

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