Russian style fest by fire

Russian style fest by fire

  • Military patrol picks up the participants on the turnpikes
  • Participants of the race receive passes that give them permission to stay on ground of military base Borne Sulinowo.
  • Military patrol leads guests to the HQ where they are officially welcomed by soviet officers with traditional <em>stakan</em> of vodka.
  • We organize fest by fire in pine forest scenery, and under umbrella roof. Scenography is chosen to match climate. Serving individuals perform dressed with soviet uniforms. Served menu is: Ukrainian borsch, <em>shashlik</em>, <em>Atamana</em>, <em>Kniaz’s </em>barbecue, sausages and Russian bread, lard and cucumbers from Podole, Muscovite salad, <em>tchaj</em> with cranberries.
  • Alcohol must have been conquered. Fests are the super-attractions. We put alcohol inside the shells from artillery bullets, which next they are buried in soil on ground marked by plates “WARNING mines!” Participants of the event using sapper’s instructions and with help of apparatus called detector keep searching the range. After detection of a bullet they dig it out from soil, carry on the military hand-barrow to the marked place, near fire and disarm it. Searching on the mine field is accompanied by special effects and pyrotechnics.
  • Integral part of the fest is Russian music chosen with great care. Fest is led by general-lieutenant, who takes care of scenario. He tells about forever passed times and history of a place that is presently a touristic attraction.
  • An attraction of the fest is military monkey’s grove. System of platforms and obstacles installed on trees over heads of the participants. Bridges, foot-bridges, balks, loops, nets, slides on a roll. When fest goes on, the participants try their own strength on the line-park.
  • Next attraction of the fest is riffle-range. Shooting from small arms and riffles is led by former soldier, commando who remembers times of Warsaw Pact, and who actively took part in maneuvers of the friendly armies under cryptonym TARCZA or other military missions. Competent teaching of the professional soldier to use weapon the participants never forget.
  • Being ready for activity when fest goes on, participants would yet play a match Russia vs. Rest of the World on the pneumatic field made ready especially for such events.
  • After 10-11 p.m. we transfer fest from fire to restaurant SASZA where plays and dances could go till dawn.
  • We could enrich the fun in restaurant of the elements like:
    • 1. Orchestra
    • 2. Variety Show
    • 3. For dancers
    • 4. Casino with roulette and croupier
    • 5. Folk band
    • 6. D.J.

Price depends of:

  • number of participants.
  • attractions which should be included during time of fest.
  • quantity of planned or drunk alcohol.
    • 1. Beer quantity
    • 2. Vodka quantity

NOTE – need to receive costs’ calculation?

  • mark squares at the chosen point of scenario
  • inscribe number of participants
  • inscribe quantity of beer
  • inscribe quantity of vodka
  • inscribe number of night’s lodgings
  • inscribe number of breakfasts
  • inscribe your e-mail address
  • inscribe your contact telephone no

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